Year 3 have been scientists learning more about food and nutrition.  They have used their understanding of a healthy diet to find out more about the nutrition we get from different food groups and why this is so important for our bodies. The children have also been researching the function of the skeleton and have learnt the names of some of the 206 bones in our bodies. Henry was excited to learn that the smallest bone in the body is actually in our ears! The children are now using everything they know about healthy foods to create a game in Scratch coding where they are practising their programming skills.

In Writing, Year 3 have been learning about describing appearance and personality. They wrote detailed self-description emails to introduce themselves to their new teachers. They have also enjoyed creating  and describing their own healthy characters such as Polly the Pineapple and Alfie the Apple which they are now writing descriptive stories about. The children have loved listening to our storytime reading book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. They have taken inspiration from Roald Dahl to invent and describe their own unique and interesting characters.

In Art, Year 3 have made a fantastic start to their quilting project. Lola-Mai said that, “ I’ve loved learning to sew with Mrs Knight.” The children are creating their own pieces of quilt inspired by the four seasons; spring, summer autumn and winter. They have enthusiastically created their own designs, selected their materials and have started to sew and quilt their designs.  The children’s work will be displayed at Killerton next month.

We’re so happy to be singing again in school and year 3 are busy practising their songs for the Harvest Performance! Next, we will start learning about the Mayans, creating artwork inspired by Mayan culture and having a go at recreating some of their tasty recipes!

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