Year 2 performed brilliantly in their sports day this year. We were so impressed by their perseverance and sportsmanship. They cheered on their fellow competitors as well as joining in the winner’s celebrations. They all tried their best in each of the events, Vortex throw, standing long jump and 40m sprint. The children had three attempts at the long jumps and vortex throw and for each of the events the competition was incredibly tight!  

The 40 metre sprint started with heats and moved on to a final race to decide the winners. For the girls sprint Freya came in 3rd place, Lola-Rose in 2nd and Sienna crossed the line in 1st place. In the final boy’s sprint, Ollie came 3rd, Winter was in 2nd place and pipping them to the post in 1st place was Harry. Well done to all of the speedy 40m sprinters! 

It was excellent to see the children’s impressive throwing ability in the Vortex throw. The girls’ finalists were: Chloe in 3rd place with a throw of 9.33m, Katie in 2nd place with a throw of 13.8m and Sienna in 1st place with a huge throw of 18m. The boys’ finalists were: John Mario in 3rd place with a 13.9m throw, in 2nd place Oscar who threw 15.85m and in 3rd place Toby threw a whopping 22m. Congratulations to all! 

The children flew through the air in the standing long jump event. The three finalists for this event were: Ned in 3rd place with a jump of 1m 42, 2nd place was taken by Sinna with a jump of 1m 57 and Oscar jumped 1m 60 to take 1st place.  

We finished the day with the presentation of certificates from Mr Lees who was very impressed with all of the scores. Well done to all of the children for taking part and giving each event their best, it was a fantastic Sports Day. 

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