Westclyst Year 4 had a spectacular sports day on Wednesday 7th, where every child who participated showed a true motivation and real enthusiasm in all events. They began by taking part in the standing triple jump and the javelin throw; in each of these events the pupils all showed off their individual development and produced some amazing personal bests.

Following this, they took part in a long distance race (involving 3 and half laps of the Westclyst Field) and every single child finished the event! It was inspiring to see them all try their hardest and persevere throughout the long distance run. Sports Day finished with the boys and girls sprints, in which we saw some excellent competition.

At the end of the day, Mr Lees presented each of the awards in the school hall. Seeing all of Year 4 cheer and applaud each others achievements was a great end to the day! Please find the list of winners below:

Standing Triple Jump

  1. Erin / Deigan
  2. Tlaytmas / Ethan
  3. Olivia / Elijah


  1. River/ Deigan
  2. Harriet / Caleb
  3. Erin / Ethan

Long Distance 400m

  1. Maisie / Jenson
  2. River / Deigan
  3. Lily/ Jackson


  1. Tlaytmas / Ethan
  2. Harriet / Jenson
  3. Sienna / Jacob

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