Last week, Year 1 had a long-awaited school trip to Bicton Park and Gardens. For some, it was our first trip on a coach with our friends and the excitement was enormous. Our trip tied in with previous projects on growing and transport through the ages so it was lovely to be able to see things we have been talking and learning about.

We started off with a train ride around the gardens where we were looking our for trees, the great lake, Bicton House and something called Witches Wood....luckily no witches were spotted! After that we took part in a range of activities that included a planting workshop where we learned about pollinators and germination before getting to plant our own seeds which we brought back with us. We also went on a pollinator hunt around the gardens where we noted how many different ones we could see around the park.

By lunch time we had really worked up an appetite so enjoyed our picnic in the gardens before a visit to the play park. Before we headed home, we looked around the countryside museum which was fascinating. There were 2 magnificent steam engines which we loved looking at and on the way home we saw 2 real-life ones in action on the way to the Devon County Show. According to some it was 'the best day ever!' We all had a wonderful (and tiring!) day out and can't wait to see where we can go next!

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