This half term, Year 4 have begun their Kingfisher project. This is a project that Year 4 take part in every year and they are always engaged by the topics presented to them. The theme for this year’s is ‘Our Living Landscape’ with three topics for the children to discover: Grassland, Hedgerow and Soil. For this project, the three schools will be pitted against each other to create the best overall presentation.

The aim of the Kingfisher Project is to engage in a series of research activities and collect data and materials for a presentation that encourages the children to explore the environment they live in and discover the variety of wildlife that lives on their doorsteps. After they have completed their digital presentation, they will submit it to the Kingfisher coordinator for judging. A winner will be announced next month.

At Westclyst, we have been following grass on it’s life cycle from being grown in a field, converted into hay for food and then the journey through the digestive system before eventually playing a key part in the production of milk. This project has put a strong emphasis on child led research of the world around them and encouraging them to seek answers for themselves. In art, the children have been creating animal sketches of the local wildlife.

We look forward to seeing each of the schools’ projects take shape and watch with anticipation for the final standings next month.

WCPS Y4 Kingfisher 02YVPS Y4 Kingfisher 02