Year 3 across the trust have become bioengineers this week, as they have been creating their very own bionic arms. First, they looked at the mechanics of the human hand and what makes it work. Understanding the roles of the various bones and muscles and their importance.

Then, they looked at technology being used to help make peoples lives easier who may be missing a limb. Understanding the complex science needed to recreate something we take for granted every day! Isabella said, ‘I can’t wait to see what we can do with the bionic arm compared to our real arms!’ Sofie said, ‘I can’t believe how complicated our hands are and we don’t even think about it!’

Once the children had made their bionic arms, they had a chance to test theirs for everyday tasks such as, tying your shoelaces, using a pen and picking up various objects. It is fair to say that they did not find it easy as a replacement of their real arm!