Ciara Whatley Nursery LeaderRachel Hitchens Orr WCPS Nursery LeaderThe Nursery has a successful team providing excellent care and education. Ciara Whatley and Rachel Hitchens-Orr, Nursery Leads, work alongside Claire Honeywill, Jamie-Lea Crick and Gemma Scoynes, Nursery Deputies, and a wider team of support staff. Amy is part of our Foundation Stage teaching team, alongside Tonia Dudley, Laura Mercy and Rhiannon Evans.



Supporting Ciara and  Rachel are the Nursery Deputies and a number of key workers. Our Nursery support staff oversee the development of their key children group in the seven areas of learning and development through the Early Years Foundation Stage

In order, our Nursery Deputies and Keyworkers are Jamie-Lea Crick, Claire Honeywill, Gemma Scoynes, Lucy Cooper, Holly Christopher,Kathryn Henwood, Christine Monkley, Molly Sobey and Amber Wilkes.

Jamie Lea Crick Nursery DeputyClaire Honeywill Nursery DeputyGemma Scoynes Nursery Key WorkerLucy Cooper WCPS TAHolly Christopher WCPS TAKathryn Henwood WCPS TAChristine Monkley Nursery Key Worker








Molly Sobey WCPS TAAmber Wilkes Nursery Key Worker 


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