Sophie LandsMolly Sobey WCPS TA



The Nursery has a successful team providing excellent care and education. Sophie Lands and Molly Sobey, Nursery Leads, work alongside a wide team of support staff as part of our Foundation Stage teaching team, alongside Tonia Dudley, Paige Mitchell and Caoimhe Tapper.

Supporting Sophie and  Molly are the Nursery Deputies and a number of key workers. Our Nursery support staff oversee the development of their key children group in the seven areas of learning and development through the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Our Nursery Deputies and Keyworkers are Jamie-Lea Crick, Kathryn Henwood, Daisy Lovatt, Lucy Cooper, Nicky Evans, Lucy Tyte, Lauren Tomkins-Smith and Gemma Scoynes.

Jamie Lea Crick   Nursery Deputy
Kathryn Henwood
Daisy Lovett   Nursery Key Worker 200
Lucy Cooper   Teaching Assistant
Nicola Evans   Nursery Key Worker
11 Lucy Tyte
65 Lauren Tomkins Smith
Gemma Scoynes   Nursery Key Worker

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