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We will provide a rich and varied science curriculum that gives children a wide range of opportunities to explore and understand the world around them. It will have a strong emphasis on investigations and experiments, and will be embedded in a cross-curricular approach, aiming to meet the needs of all children. There will be a balance between the teaching of skills and knowledge, in order for children to have memorable and engaging learning experiences. Scientific concepts will be taught through group investigations in which children have a level of autonomy over their learning. Trips and visitors will often be incorporated into the curriculum to provide children with a deeper understanding of how science relates to the wider world.

Aims and Purposes

• To develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and relate these to everyday experiences
• To develop creative thinkers and inquisitive questioners
• To develop investigative skills
• To learn to collect, evaluate and present findings in a range of ways

Scientific Enquiry

Each year the skills of enquiry will be taught through a range of practical activities. These skills will progress as children move through the school and include planning and carrying out fair tests, investigations and observations, using simple equipment, including ICT in their work, and suggesting answers to questions from their findings.

The Key Stage 1 curriculum will look at plants and animals and their habitats, everyday materials, forces and seasonal changes.

In the Key Stage 2 curriculum, the children will focus on plants and animals and their habitats, forces, rocks, states of matter, light, sound and electricity, earth and space and evolution and inheritance.

Using the latest technology
at the heart of teaching and learning


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