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Year 1 Pizza Express Trip

After a cancelled trip earlier in the week due to the snow, 1SG were very excited to visit Pizza Express last Thursday as part of their GCP growing project. We are planning to plant and grow wheat after Easter and the children learnt how, when fully grown, the wheat can be harvested and turned into flour. Flour is a very versatile ingredient but it was a universal decision that the best thing to make with it is pizza!
Each mini pizza chef got their own apron and chef’s hat to wear to make them really look and feel the part. They got very hands on (and covered in flour!) kneading the dough and moulding it into the perfect pizza base shape – Lee the chef was very impressed with our efforts. After that we got to cover our pizza base in passata and then top it with delicious mozzarella. The margarita pizzas were then ready to go into the oven to bake whilst we tidied up and had a drink – it was thirsty work!
The smell was delicious and we couldn’t wait for them to come out of the oven! Luckily it was only a short wait and soon we were each the proud owner of our very own homemade pizza to take home with us! It was a fantastic trip and we learnt so much about the process of pizza making. To show how much we had learnt we each got presented with a certificate to show we were now qualified ‘Junior Pizzaiolos’. Pizza chefs of the world watch out…



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