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Shark in the Dark

Year 1 have had a very busy start to the new year and new term at school. We have been excited to make some new year’s resolutions that we will be working on together in class this year. Firstly, the children all said that they wanted to learn a new skill and so far we have made an excellent start on achieving this. The children were each given a musical instrument and worked together in groups to create their own piece of music.

As inspiration we listened to the famous Jaws music and then read the story of Shark in the Dark. They then created a piece of music of their own to build suspense which they played as we read the story. Each time the shark was mentioned we all got a fright!

As part of our creative learning we have also been doing some drama, again based on the story of Shark in the Dark. We began practising showing emotion on our faces and then moved on to freeze-frame work in groups. With both the music and drama the children have shown confidence, imagination and great team-work skills. Look out for the finished project just before the Easter holidays!

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