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music2Music will be taught by specialist teachers in every year group, including practical music, musical appreciation, and composition and performance. Throughout their time at the school, all children will participate in whole-class brass lessons, have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of workshops and will be taught how to use music software. This will be in addition to learning songs in class and assemblies, and a comprehensive provision of music lessons for those whose families who are interested. 

Class music teaching will incorporate Listening and Appraising, Musical Dimensions and Performing and Composing.

Listening and Appraising

Throughout each year, children will be taught to develop their ability to listen and appraise by careful consideration of musical elements and to assess the relative qualities of the music studied.

Musical Dimensions

Children will be taught to develop their understanding of music by studying the elements that are essential to composition. These building blocks, such as pulse, rhythm and pitch, will be taught separately, practised and applied during each unit of work.

Children will also be helped to appreciate that although the essential constituent parts of music are important in themselves, it is how they are combined that is essential for a well-conceived piece of work.

Composing and Performing

Using the above, children will be able to develop finished pieces of work and perform them for an audience. They will gradually build their confidence as composers and performers, and be encouraged to take an active part in the many musical opportunities available in and out of school.

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