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In history lessons we will aim for all children to gain a greater understanding and knowledge about how our world has been affected by individuals and groups of people throughout time. These key historical figures' lives and work will be studied in detail but we will also take time to look at the lot of the common person as well as considering the impact of both groups in shaping today's world. Studies will allow all children to attain a very good level of knowledge but also to learn how to challenge their own understanding. 

Throughout each Key Stage children will study Key Historical Events, look at Everyday Experiences and look from the Past into Present.

Key Historical Events

This strand of history teaches the 'facts' of dates and key historical figures' lives. Children will learn what these people were responsible for doing and how that was achieved.

However, by itself this will not give the child the impetus to question what happened and investigate to seek assurance that everything was as they are told. For the children to gain a more in-depth understanding this knowledge will be put in the context of the world at that time and lead the children to develop high-level investigative and research skills.

Everyday Experiences

By considering in depth the role of the 'ordinary people’ throughout history, our children will learn to understand that there is sometimes another side to 'a glorious victory'.

Children will be taught to question the headline history in the context of real people's everyday experiences. Wherever possible this will be through visits and visitors that help to bring history to life.

Past into Present

Each year the children will investigate how the past impacts upon the lives that we live today. They will learn to appreciate that history is a timeline of events that impact upon how the world will be in the future.  They will also learn that it is necessary to look at past events in detail to ascertain why they have, or have not, had a lasting impact and whether those responsible were passively or actively involved in making changes to how life is now and will be in the future.

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